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Shame Test

Shame is a self-conscious emotion resulting from feelings of personal inadequacy, dishonour and disgrace. Some English words associated to this feeling are humiliation, guilt, embarrassment and remorse. Feelings of shame result when we believe we have done something inadequately or have directly violated core cultural values. Whilst the ability to deeply reflect about ourselves and our actions is necessary and positive, feeling […]

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Communication styles

Three Communication Styles, which one you are? (Tick as many boxes that apply to you)   Submit your results along with your email address for a chance to Win a place on one of our Calming Strategy days. Anger: If not expressed respectfully is a Defence Mechanism. Rage! Rage is when anger is totally out of […]

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The internet Stole my children

The internet stole my children

Mike Fisher Founder and director, British Association of Anger Management My background includes training in psycho synthesis, Adlerian counselling and humanistic psychology. I founded the British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) in 1997, co-founded the Centre for Men’s Development in London and have written a couple of books on anger management. I have been working […]

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