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Mike Fisher - The British-Association of Anger Management

About BAAM

BAAM’s results-focused coaching has helped over 20,000 people with their anger issues since the practice was founded in 1997. Our co-founder Mike Fisher’s book Beating Anger is a Times newspaper Top Ten Self-Help Book, and Mike makes regular appearances in the UK broadsheets plus on TV and radio.
95% of BAAM’s clients have no previous experience of therapy. So we’ve tailored a programme that avoids ‘psychobabble’. Instead we focus on practical techniques, and results over specific time periods. We don’t just help you control your temper. We also look at the reasons behind your anger, treating the causes as well as the symptoms.

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Our Advantages

Sector Leaders
Recommended by the UK NHS, we've helped thousands of people since 1997.
Results Based Coaching
We help you set clear goals, skills and strategies to create rapid meaningful change.
Learn emotional intelligence and communication skills plus improve your overall health.
Get encouragement and support from our fellowship and high quality content.
Right for You
Choose from group or personal training, online or personal, in general and specialist areas.
Online or in Person
Receive anger management coaching via Zoom wherever you may be.

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When we’re under pressure it can be difficult to take an objective view. Take our free Anger Test right now and get an impression of your temper issues.
At BAAM we tackle the causes of anger as well as teaching rage control methods. Often these causes are linked to uncertainty, anxiety and stress. According to the UK Health and Safety Executive, 55% of all working days lost to illness in 2019 were down to the same reasons. Take action now for a healthier life – and a happier future.

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