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BAAM presents it's latest One-Day Course* designed with you in mind. Learn to manage disagreements, strong feelings and develop advanced communication skills with the aim to create calm in your life.

After going postal over a pretzel in Waitrose, one writer realised she had to find a new way to handle living with her anger towards her ex-boyfriend.

Upcoming Events:

Weekend Intensive
East Grinstead:
18-20 Sep | 11-13 Dec 2015
Facilitated by Mike Fisher

Weekend Intensive
16-18 Oct 2015:
Facilitated by Mike Fisher

Weekend Intensive
17 Dec 2015
13-15 Nov 2015:
Facilitated by Mike Fisher

10 Week Programme
London Victoria:
17 Dec 2015:
9 Sep - 11 Nov | 15 Oct
Facilitated by Mike Fisher

All Assessments available in London Victoria or on Skype with Mike Fisher.

Essentials Xmas Edition Dec 2012:

Real Woman Cover Star


Stylist Magazine: Argh! Aug 2013: Lizzie Pook

Over 16,000 people have come to us feeling discouraged and unable to cope. 82% of previous attendees found that the programme was still working for them 18 months later. 100% of attendees have said that they would suggest our programme to others.

We regularly contribute to the press and our book 'Beating Anger' has sold over 65 000 copies in the UK since publication in 2005. In June 2012 Mike’s second book, ‘Mindfulness & the Art of Managing Anger’ was released by Leaping Hare Press.

If you are in need of some help for your anger call us on
0345 1300 286
or send an email to

If you find that your anger is costing you too much in terms of your family, career and health, then perhaps it's time you examine it by booking onto one of our programmes.
We know you’ll be amazed by just how much you’ll learn.

Do Get Mad
We tend to think of anger as a negative emotion, but used in the right way it can be surprisingly constructive, finds Emma Young

New Scientist
9 February 2013
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